A few months back, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that completely captivated me. It reminded me slightly of times when my best friend Amber and I would watch these beautiful and captivating indie movies on HBO when we were in high school.

My favorite type of social media currently is vlogs. However, the ones I've come across lately feel a bit empty. Kevin and I posted a new introduction video on YouTube a few months ago. However, we quickly realized that Kevin was pouring most of his energy into developing his website—a project I wholeheartedly endorse, so we decided to pause our projects together. If this happened a year ago, I probably would have melted into a puddle and would have that heavy anxiety feeling that I reference here. Thanks to my therapist, I've learned to give myself grace. I'm focusing on more things I control that make me happy (like this post!) We're optimistic about revisiting our vlogs in 2024 because we have a couple of exciting projects that need a bit of polishing. But that's a story for another time.

But anyway, I love how this doesn't feel like staged and planned out "content." It's real-life romanticized. It's motivational and sparks joy. Also, the behind-the-scenes of the music videos? Talk about determination.