What a lovely past couple of days! Not shown is my mom, who traveled for a long weekend before her birthday this week. I took her to a Korean bbq/hot pot place, and we visited the 100 Years of Disney at the Franklin Museum. I believe the exhibition is doing itself an injustice by being so small! For example - there was no information on the history of The Lion King. All they had was a costume from their musical. What's up with that? It was nice to go with my mother because we both technically grew up on these Disney movies. Not only did she remember "The Disney Sunday Movie" (1986-1988), but she also played them for me as a toddler. On Saturday, we relaxed and got caught up on creative projects, which was helpful because work has been so busy lately that creative projects have felt overwhelming.

On the right - Nazeer Sabree

Today (Sunday,) I wanted to get out of the house, so Kevin and I stopped by Paradigm's new space in Old City. I don't believe I've been to their old space, but better late than never, right? It's a beautiful space, so I'm excited to see what's next for them.

On the left - Nazeer Sabree // On the right - Jason Andrew Turner

In the middle - Ziui Chen Vance // On the right - Jason Andrew Turner

Jason Andrew Turner

On the right - Katherine Fraser

The beading on this blazer is *chef's kiss. April is funny because I'll be wearing this, and someone walking past me will have a tank top and shorts on with open-toe sandals. It be like that I guess.