My interest in shoes started with sneakers and then transformed into a love for anything that went on my feet. Back when I didn’t have much money (I mean, I was 12, lmfao), I felt invincible in my plain tee shirt, jeans, and Jordan 13s. When I was introduced to fashion, shoes became even more magical. In college, I worked for a luxury boutique and weaseled my way into the shoe department. I lost count of the hours I spent trying on every single shoe in my size. I was surrounded by Miu Miu, Prada, Santoni, Fratelli Rossetti, Loeffler Randall, etc.

Then I landed back on earth and discovered websites like Poshmark and The RealReal. Wait—I could buy a pair of designer shoes from a wealthy woman’s closet clean-out for $75?! With my thrifting addiction, it’s literally a game to me (and not an expensive one—would you look at that?!)

Kevin has been telling me for a while now that we should do a shoe series, so here we are. I decided to start with a newer pair I've acquired—these Stubbs & Wootton mules I thrifted second-hand for $9.99, tehe. These shoes are to me like Tod's driving shoes—classics that I've always wanted in my closet, but not enough to pay retail for. 

This was the end of a long day (there is an Easter egg in here somewhere). I didn’t necessarily pick this spot to take photos—I was influenced by social media to stop by this newish supermarket called You&Me. They don’t have fresh fruits, vegetables, or meats, but they have shelf-stable stuff and frozen foods. The candy colored aisles screamed, “Take my picture!” so I obliged.

Paired with one of my favorite vintage silk sequined tops. These types of tops (and jackets) were the first pieces I used to thrift in high school. They’re easy to find at second-hand shops now but are more of a treasure to thrift.