Yes, yes, yes! This collection is honestly the level of extra I hope to someday be during my everyday life. It's just the right amount of chaos. He does a lot of upcycling and has a zero-waste approach to pattern cutting, among other things. I love his view on sustainability via Metal Magazine:

"I imagine it can be frustrating when people always focus on the ‘sustainability’ aspect of your label. Are you looking forward to a time when being ethical is just the norm?

I don’t market Germanier as a sustainable collection because to me, that’s not the point; the point is the beautiful products. Yes, it’s sustainable, but that’s just the way I want to produce. Sustainability is everywhere now: architecture, food… everything is sustainable. I want to normalize it. It’s not genius, it’s just the way you should produce. So, yeah, I get irritated. I usually try to stay Swiss and neutral, but now I think I should speak my mind. Saving the world is not a trend."


If I could, I’d put every photo from the collection in this post! Check out the full show below and PLEASE click here to look at his earlier work. 

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