I'm starting to carry my camera on me at all times again. I'm getting the hang of it - but hate! that feeling when you walk past something you want to take a photo of but don't. "Do I circle back and take the photo?" "is the moment gone?" I guess the only way around it is to do it, am I right? It's that thin line between living in the moment/taking the photo - and thinking everything is "content"/taking the photo.

Also - some people usually get squeamish when a camera comes out, but Mike and his fiance Sarah didn't bat an eye, so it was a breeze snapping these photos at Sally's in Philadelphia. To more nights with good food and great conversation ;)

Photo by Mike!

Sweater, Skirt and Earrings: Thrifted
Boots: Acne Pistol Boots via Poshmark (theyre actually cheap second hand if anyone wants to relive their youth like me!)