One Shirt, Two Ways

This weekend felt like a taste of summertime. Just need the weather to match the feeling #heh I think it was supposed to be 82 degrees today (Sunday), but the weather app pulled the rug out from under me and updated it to 71 degrees. I'll take what I can get at this point! #werealmosthere

We celebrated our 6yr anniversary and made the mistake of going somewhere new. ^ Margiela bag and shoes. Everything else thrifted. 

Vicarious Love Market

I saw Room Shop post that they were going to be a part of this market pop up and decided to stop by. Seems a lot of people are repurposing second-hand clothes and selling them. Not something super new or anything, but I'm used to going to vintage pop-ups where everything is sold as-is. Kewl little switch up. Finally got a bounce bag via Room Shop ! Happy I bought at the market where I could get my hands on a mini. 

We also came across these really cool tee’s from Hieromaar. They low key are probably a little too young for us, but are they REALLY? Kinda thinking about framing the tee on the left. We also got some other things and were introduced to some spiffy vendors that I will look out for in the future. 

Soulstice at the W Hotel Finally got to rsvp for this event! Shit sells out so quickly. I see why! It was my first time in the hotel, but it was my speed.

I'm on the look out for good day parties this summer. Not super into going out at night.

Everything’s thrifted/second hand, but the bag. The bag is Room Shop! Shoes AM 95 grapes.