I tried this potato salad for the first time at a spot in Philadelphia called Isot (you're welcome) for Christmas dinner. My mother was in town, and we did not feel like cooking. All the usual steakhouses were open (meh,) but my mother came across this place off of South St. It has become a staple for us ever since. I always recommend their mezza plate, which has a variety of dips with fresh bread. One of the dips was a potato salad. The potato salad was different from what I was used to. Peas? In a potato salad? Hm. However, it was my favorite dip on the plate! So, after a while, I decided to look up the recipe and try it for myself.

I can see it now; in 15 years, when I go to a friends/families gathering, I will hear the excitement, "Danielle brought her potato salad!" I will have to make double/triple batches to feed the masses. People will slip it onto their to go plates before we even sit at the table to eat the first batch. "Peas in a potato salad? GENIUS!" They will say. Lmao, sorry, I cant. But please, if you're a close friend, pick a new dish because this one is mine!

Recipe Here