Although I love cooking and food, I realized developing recipes is not a passion of mine. When I first started posting recipes, the goal was to teach people how to make simple, complex meals. At the time, food delivery services were taking over, and GrubHub was running an ad that stated something like, let me be your mom. It was so off-putting! I wanted to showcase recipes that could get more people in the kitchen. My ultimate goal was to teach a cooking class to teenagers and young adults (still on my radar). I think we all go through trial and error. Posting recipes and food photos were not inspiring to me.  I want to try to focus on something new and be more realistic with myself.

Imperishable Things will combine everything - community, sustainability, cooking, etc. I want to create a resource for teenagers and young adults to help them spark new thoughts and ideas - for example, how to start a compost bin at home, how sustainability can be overwhelming, and inspiration for things they can do in their community.

I can show better than I can write! These photos are BTS for my introduction called Skipping Gym. The focus of Imperishable Things is education and growth - so shooting in the auditorium at Bok was a dream to me and flowed well. Stay tuned for more!

Also, I've decided to restart my website which is why this is the only post at the moment. I want to shift back over to blog posts! (Boy! I miss blogs)