Watching this show made me feel the thrill I felt while on a roller coaster as a kid. I wasn't sure what to expect when I turned it on, but !!!. Alright, I'm going to get this out of the way now. Bourdain! Watching this made me think about Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. Side note - looking into this show, I found out that they made a show based on Anthony's book back in 2005 with Bradley Cooper (adding it to the list to watch!)

But anyways - the writing on this show was incredible. The cast flowed so well within each other. It was refreshing to witness Sydney's character. I'm excited to see what she and Carmy do in the next season (I'm talking it into existence.) When you watch the first episode or two - it's a bit overwhelming because all they do is yell - but stick with it! I promise the layers begin to form, and you won't be able to stop watching until it's over.

Chicago Tribune (10/10) - “This is a show created by people who recognize that our lives are a group project. No person is an island and we have to accept that in order to get anything done. Sometimes that process can feel like rough edges forever jabbing at your soft spots. When regular people — not a special ops unit or a group of superheroes — figure out a way to work toward a common goal? There’s nothing better. It gets me in the gut.”