First, I want to say; shout-out to Hypebeast Forums (RIP.) A month or so ago, we went to a Toro Y Moi show, and after we bought tickets, Kevin realized he knew one of the openers. Kevin had talked to Vonne of the group They Hate Change via Hypebeast and kept in touch through social media (wow, social media can be a positive sometimes.) Their energy before Toro was so electric, but sadly we only saw the tail end of their show. When I saw they were touring again with Shame shortly after, we were happy to be able to see the entire set.

Having these memories is such a treat because its OBVIOUS! that this is only the beginning for They Hate Change. Not only do they make great music, but they have an artful eye in general. Like, everything curated on their social media is stellar. Very inspiring. They said they're going to make a blog soon, so I'm patiently waiting so I can add it to my bookmarks page ;)

Due to having an Amtrak credit and getting a discord invite to The Armory Show (for CryptoMutt holders), we decided to spend the day in New York. We were busy from the moment we touched down. Not to mention, upon checking the weather app, we realized it was raining the entire day.

We still moved forward with a smile! We had a great day. The Armory displayed some pretty inspirational pieces. I wish we had more time to look at every booth, but I won't lie - the representatives made me nervous!

I saw a post from Bad Binch TONGTONG about an exhibit they had during fashion week and stopped by. How fun! The photos and video don't do it justice - but it was essentially two rooms. The first room had a giant silver heart attached to the wall and an interactive screen where you could use your hand movements to mess around.

The second room housed this massive spider. There was also fog PUMPING through the room with LED screens along the walls. There was only one other person there, so Kevin and I had a lot of fun running around like kids. We had smiles on our faces the entire time!

From what I read - this was their debut NYFW show. The bug aspect makes everything so fun. I can't wait to see what they do in the future.  

Telfar hosting a pop-up in a Rainbow store?! Iconic. We were close to the area and decided to stop by. It's funny because the flyer said the line would START at 3 pm. They sure tried their best. The line wrapped around the ENTIRE BLOCK! You could tell people were there from the night before. It was beautiful chaos. Also was fun running into Ant! You can see via the video how oblivious I was when he was taking photos of me - lol. 

Before we grabbed dinner and dipped, Kevin wanted to stop by ZERO10 + Crosby Studios. It was a popup that only featured digital clothing. You had to download an app, and then they put you into a dressing room where you got to try on clothes without having to take any off! How refreshing. Our phones did not work well with the app, but they provided a phone in the dressing room that did the trick (hence why you're getting a photo of a photo here.)