Work done in collaboration with Nilknahs

During the fall of 2020, I suffered an anxiety attack while sleeping that sent me down a spiral where I had issues sleeping at night for a couple of months. I guess the pandemic starting around springtime was a blessing because; when daylight savings ended in November - and we went back into another lockdown, ugh! Not only did I have nothing to do with my time, but it also got dark at 4 pm! Ew! It felt claustrophobic.

I did what any other person would do and read other people's stories on Reddit! Over time, I found out what worked for me and felt a positive shift. Once March hit and the clocks changed again, I felt even better. I still think about that darkness every fall, and even though I haven't dipped that low since, I want to be proactive.

So! I've decided to launch a project where I post about something I'm doing every month during the seasonal depression months. It could be a post on an action I take or something I've researched and wanted to share. Every month will have a different theme. My goal is to eventually form a group of people that can lean on each other while also trying something new or revisiting something they've tried in the past, but this time with support.

More information soon ;)