Last month we spent my birthday in New York. It was fun to run around the city looking at the different shops. Where I live has shopping, but it doesn't compare to New York. Not even close! Now I'm a thrifty gal, so one of our stops was the Saks OFF 5th sunglasses section. Why? They always have a buy one, get one 50% off sale. This paragraph is reading like an ad! But we do this all the time.

Kevin really wanted these Gentle Monster x Moncler collab sunglasses (click here to see.) But that price tag! Luckily they were sold out of every color but white, so we moved on. When you have to order something online - it loses a little bit of luster. FOR INSTANCE! We stopped by Off-White, and I tried one of the fragrances that they recently (I think that same day) launched. The next day I was still thinking about it, so I decided to buy it. I really liked it! And it was $130. I feel like in the perfume world, that's not expensive? Welp, it sold out in the store, and even though I was heartbroken, I didn't order it online.

ANYWAYS! We stopped by the Saks OFF 5th another day, and Kevin came across these Bottega Veneta FW20 brown sunglasses. Heh, when he first put them on, he looked very random, so he put them back. As we were walking around the store, he must have looked at the sunglasses three more times. At this point, I told him to buy them because he did the SAME THING before when he bought those Balenciaga club kids pants (crazy sale btw.) The next day we drove 45 minutes back to Tyson's to purchase them... so lesson learned there.

Because he got those glasses (there are still a ton of the highlighter green ones online,) I decided to get a pair of Saint Laurent glasses that, because of the sale, were only $60 bucks! I also got these Cynthia Rowley (I think) sunglasses for a great price. I think even as I grow my income, I will always be a thrifty person - so I wanted to pass along things we do to get the most bayaaaang for our buck.

This hat below is literally made from mushrooms, lol. The hat is 100% amadou mushroom felt. Very ~sustainable~ Not sure why Kevin had to have this hat - but he got it! I believe it took six months for us to receive it after ordering. They're handmade (obviously) in Corund, Transylvania.

Hat - Eden Power Corp