I've wanted to start a series for a while now centered around my favorite places to go to in Philadelphia. The main attraction will be food, but here and there I will dabble in other things too.

It's kind of ironic that the first pick is a Peruvian chicken spot -  Brazas. I say this because these are a Northern Virginia staple (where I essentially grew up). You can find one every few miles. In Philadelphia? Not so much. So when this place finally opened (it's newish, but not brand new) I was so excited to have a place that reminded me of home.

What to Order?

- OBVIOUSLY! Make sure you get the Rotisserie Chicken. It’s just chicken you say? What’s the difference between this and what you get at the grocery store? WELL! even the white meat is tender and the seasoning on the skin? yupyupyup. Trust me! Have I ever steered you wrong? (I promise, peas in potato salad IS GOOD!) Do not forget a sauce on the side - I am a white sauce and green sauce person through and through. 
- Yuca Fries: If you’re doing take out - please do not order this as a side. They must be fresh from the fryer. They’re very starchy and will taste stale quickly.  But when they’re fresh? To me, they taste buttery - I think it’s the fried outer layer.
- Inca Kola and/or the Chicha Morada: I’ve tried both of these for the first time here. They go great with the meal and they’re something different. 
- Honorable Mention: They used to have Ceviche on the menu that was delicious but we didn’t see it on the menu the last time we were there :( I liked it because it had large Choclo kernels in it and the seafood tasted fresh. 

OH! Also want to note that it’s a BYOB. For now anyway. 

You know it’s good when the plate looks like this after you eat.