I was recounting the events of my weekend with my mom when she commented - "I can't believe you left for New York at 5 pm and came back at 11 pm." More so, we are finally taking advantage of the short train ride! An hour and a half each way? That's like a quick Instagram scroll or a good dent in a book.

Anyway - Kevin is a Tom Sachs fan. He became more invested when he got into his Rocket Factory NFT. Tom dropped rockets in three or four parts that represented different brands. You could either trade parts with other members or buy them. Kevin was able to create a complete Skippy Rocket. Some created full rockets, while others Frankenstein'd theirs.

What I found impressive? The company built the rockets and launched them in real life. We saw Kevin's rocket launched during Art Basel '21 in Miami - more information here.

Rockets that went through The Shredder - in action here. 

The project has taken on a life of its own through different phases. The exhibit we viewed here was Phase III - The Final Frontier. Now this? I'm not as confident as I was during the first phase explaining this - but from what Kevin told me while walking through the exhibit - there are now planets and galaxies (also - apartments?) and whatnot. It seems the next stop for Tom is the metaverse. There's something like 11,000 spaces. I instantly feel overwhelmed. If you don't - dive in here.

They had scratch-offs where "everyone is a winner." I won the Birkin one (very fitting), while Kevin won a toilet (very fitting.)

Kevin has the planet crouton... cool cool ....